Septic 101 for NJ Real Estate Agents


Attention all Real Estate Professionals!! I’m sure you have run into that “stinky” situation when selling a property that has a septic system.  That closing date doesn’t look so close now, I bet.  Unfortunately, you can not control or avoid it when a system needs repairs, or even worse, needs to be completely replaced.  However, you can help yourself, your colleagues, and customers by being prepared and knowledgeable to handle these “stinky” situations.

As a certified CE Instructor of septic system inspections, English Septic offers a Septic101 class to all NJ Real Estate Agents.  This course is a FREE class that offers 2 Elective CE Credits towards your R.E. license renewal. This is a “MUST TAKE” for all Realtors!! This class helps you to fully understand the where, what, who, and how’s of a septic system and the inspection protocol. And we all know that the septic system can make or break your real estate transaction.  The FREE Septic101 course will review first the new changes to the Septic Code NJAC 7:9A; which, by the way, was 22 years in the making. We will discuss the necessary system components that can obviously get a little messy.  We also, review NJ DEP Permits, and the NJDEP standardized Inspection Protocol and Health Department reporting requirements.

Not only does this course give 2 CE Credits, it’s a very informative and knowledgeable class that will leave you with a better understanding of septic systems as a whole.  The course breaks down the NJAC 7:9A in simple descriptions which help you understand the purpose, procedures, and rules enacted by the NJDEP.  And I believe that you, as a Real Estate Professional, need to know the new “rules and regulations” that can affect you directly as an agent.  In addition to the New Code, the instructor explains the different legal types of “septic systems”, and those not considered legal systems since April 2012.

The second half of the course is usually where you as the agent get a little more involved since it reviews Health Department Permits and the Inspection process.  I’m sure you will have input and questions.  ALL questions are welcome!

I have failed to mention, up until this point, that the Septic101 course instructor is the General Manager here at English Septic and is a certified NJ Real Estate C.E. Instructor, certified NAWT Inspector and Professional Installer, a PSMA/NOF Certified Advanced Inspector, and NEHA CIOWTS-A (Certified Installer Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems – Advanced) Installer. Obviously, you want someone who knows what they’re talking about (someone who knows their sh*t!!)

If this is something you are interested in, contact us to set up a date and time to come to your office. You can schedule this class by calling 856-358-4771 or emailing Joe Garner or myself, anytime.  If you haven’t decided by now that this class is important then feel free to contact me anytime with any questions. To agents, remember your next sale could depend upon the knowledge you have in septic systems! To buyers and sellers, keep in mind, the more your agents know the better they can help you!

Please stay tuned to our next blog on “What to look for in an Inspector/Company.”  This will provide you with some helpful tips when you choose to have an inspection. I look forward to your feed back!

Until next time,

Melissa Smith – Administrative Assistant


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